rehearsing explorations

We are about to embark on the exploratory workshop phase of the project. This will consist of ten workshops – held at Bishop Grosseteste University College on Sunday afternoons, repeated Wednesday evenings – exploring elements of the Plays through a themes-based approach and providing an opportunity for skills development. These sessions will be run by a combination of people – myself, associate directors and skills-based facilitators (voice, music, improvisation etc.)

The purpose of the sessions is to provide both newcomers to the Plays and old hands opportunities to explore and thereby (re) discover meanings and modes of expression both individually and collectively. Each session will be designed to be self-contained but participants will gain experience and depth of understanding of both the potential of the Plays and and the playfulness of the participants including themselves by attending more regularly.

Themes I’m mulling at the moment are:

  • Beginnings and Endings
  • Good & Ill
  • Love & Sacrifice
  • Foolishness & Trickery
  • Spiritual & Mundane
  • Incarnation and Enrolling
  • Trials & Tribulations
  • Knots and Traps
  • Death & Resurrection

This exploratory phase culminates in a full day workshop for all participants at the Lincoln Drill Hall on 12/02/2012 which in turn makes the start of the ‘forming’ phase of the project, as the different ensembles come together around particular Plays and ways of working, before rehearsals begin in earnest at Easter for the main performances and events 7-21/7/2012

Timings: The Sunday sessions: doors open at 2.30 for a prompt 3pm start, finish by 6pm, Wednesdays 6.30 for 7pm prompt start, 9pm finish.

Tomorrow I’m getting together with some of the facilitators to plan out the sequence of workshops, check out which themes are sparking for whom, and so on. Looking  forward to it!

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