New Year Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012

2012 has got off to a great start! The remaining exploratory workshops are orientating more towards the casting process which formally begins 12th Feb. The first this year focussed on voice and rhythm and was facilitated by our music director Maurice along with Rebecca our producer. I hope to get some sound files up to give you a flavour. The possibilities of recorded speech may provide a way for older adults with dementia in the Grantham area who are interested in the project becoming involved.

The kind folk from English Heritage at the Bishop’s Old Palace are being very positive about being a venue – Rebecca and I were there on a site visit yesterday with technical director Dave Dray.

The workshop on heaven and earth threw up a number of ideas about what the divine and the earthly mean to us and how they might be portrayed. Those thinking about acting in the cycle may be considering celestial or earth-bound characters. Another chance to explore this theme on Wednesday evening.

Artist Sunshine Gray has attended many of the exploratory workshops and is coming up with interesting ideas for work which may become integral or run in parallel with performances of the Lincoln Mystery Plays this year. I’ll keep you posted! See also


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