exploratory workshop 9 – flocking & dubbing


Due to the promenade style of the performance of the Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012, the role of shepherds as stewards will be crucial. After warming up we tried some ‘flocking’, discovering it was fun, easy to improvise if you did not feel you have to come up with something yourself but were following something you noticed another doing.

We used a Boal technique called ‘Columbian hypnosis’ to explore the intimacy of leading and following before turning to the text of ‘The Shepherd’s Play’

Pairs and  threes read the text of each character simultaneously, placing their attention on the other. There was a really interesting effect of three angels singing without prearranged melody, word by word, note by note. Our Musical Director Maurice was not able to attend this session and I forgot to record it, so we’ll have to try that again!

After using the ‘dubbing’ technique on the first half of the play, we switched back to the Whelan recording technique for the second half to compare.

It’s great to see people getting to know each other at these workshops and enjoying the process of ‘playing’.

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