Masks for Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012

With just under three weeks to go, preparations for the Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 are hotting up. We need to recruit spear-carriers to various armed forces appearing in the the Plays and use masks to protect the identities of the Innocent and the Not So Innocent too.

The mask-making workshop yesterday also provided an opportunity for some of the players and production team the opportunity to meet with some of the artists, students and volunteers involved with the Gemini project at IMPart producing artwork for the Plays this year pictured elsewhere on this blog. 


Sarra is going to help finish the masks with paint when they are dry so we can start rehearsing them. 

Many thanks to Marion Sander for facilitating the session. It was good fun and nice to be outside. The actors will find there is something really special about performing in a mask tailored to your own face.

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