First Night

Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 got off to an auspicious start last night with excellent work from the company and crew in their first encounter with an audience.

The Gamelan provided a beautiful welcome into the Medieval Bishops’ Palace, Lincoln, where audiences saw the completed versions of the Gemini Project artwork that has graced this blog as work-in-progress. Many of the artists were in the audience. Sunshine’s complelling Flood installation in the undercroft had sounds of much more serious weather than we actually had to contend with, as the rain cleared in time for the performance – much as it has on previous rehearsal nights. 

One of our players, Alice Kinloch unfortunately has tonsillitis so was substituted as Shepherd and Herod Antipas at short notice by yours truly – I hope she recovers soon so I can get back to my accustomed role front of house!

We were joined on our first night by art critic and historian Alastair Sooke who also interviewed Sasha Drennan and myself on the portrayal of Satan for a BBC4 documentary due to air in the autumn.


Don’t wait that long to see what we have been up to – if you have not yet booked your tickets do so now. There are only eight performances left! The weather is part of the show – wrap up warmly, wear waterproofs and enjoy the light and shade as the show unfolds.


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