audience feedback on performances 2&3 of Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012

I’ve collated the audience feedback and will publish here. Apologies to the audience from the first night that the blank questionnaire forms never got into your hands, but feel free to make comments here.


Audiences were asked to give marks out of 10 and make comments if they wished.



10 Brilliant, casting perfect, setting fabulous

10 Pity not more people were here. Hope you will continue with them – roll on 2016

10 The whole performance was wonderful. However better info about what would the audience experience be before might have been helpful i.e. Seating, additional entertainment (which we loved) & bring insect repellent! Brilliant eve!

9 An excellent experience with fine voices & energy. Very imaginative

6 Satan was great!

10 Excellent well done everyone so realistic

7 Loved God, Satan, Adam & Eve & Shepherds. No to Joseph & archaic biblical language and yes to sheep and demeons were great!

10 An excellent production performed incredibly well under such a cold evening sky. My support for your ‘players’ will be to tell as many people as possible not  to miss your next production

8 1st part of 2nd half very slow. Loved God, Satan & his demons & the Holy Ghost

8 A performance I will long remember – some powerful performers – visually strong

10 Never a dull moment!



10 It was great! I’ll tell all my friends in Germany about it! Annette Kolb, Stuttgart

6 Great fun – good job

9 Lovely

10 Exceptional performances and settings!

10 Hope you all had a long hot bath!

10 Brilliant!

10 Amazing – evocative

10 Very moving and an experience to be remembered

10 Brilliant cast, Jesus and the Devil wonderful


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