Audience feedback performance 4


Marks out of ten and comments on Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 performance Friday 13th July

10 A most effective production throughout – the finale gripping and very moving

10 Brilliant thank you all

10 Absolutely stunning! I was blown away by it. Must have been such hard work. Definitely paid off. I loved it.

10 I forgot the cold and wet, and was enthralled.

10 An excellent performance through wind and rain ✔

10 What a brave cast! Dedicated. So good we didn’t feel the rain

10 More advertising. Such a wonderful performance should have been seen by many more people

3 The first half in the round made it impossible to hear. The second contained none of the humour I expect from Mystery Plays

6 Weather made it difficult. Part in the round not successful. Hard to see and hear.

6 Much better than I’d been led to believe it was going to be with some lovely moments both comedic & dramatic

9 A wonderful experience, creative ideas. Good performances with sincere emotions. Colourful & fun.

9 I’m telling all my friends to bring blankets. The cast defied the damp & cold to keep us gripped. Loved the effects – sheets. Lighting, sound. Fantastic experience


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