audience feedback performance 5 – wet weather contingency


The rain became too much during the fifth performance so the “Ministry” portion of the first half was moved to the Chapterhouse. This went very smoothly, all things considered, and the cast aquitted themselves well in a venue in which they had not rehearsed.

Below are the marks out of ten and audience comments:

9.3 Excellent production. Thought provoking  regarding sin starting with man or angels

10 Fantastic

9 Excellent! Coped very well with the weather

10 The person who played the devil was Brilliant! Joanne aged 11

10 Very chilly but fantastic experience of watching for the first time. Enjoyed it a lot!

8 Brill!

10 Thank you. That was a great evening. We hope you warm up!

10 Bless all the cast for their great performance in such inclement weather



10 I enjoyed the play enormously it was great

10 Very good. Pity about the weather – well done the players!

9 The beginning & end were very strong. More of the story of Jesus needed – to explain why his life was taken – need to even up with Satan’s story – which until the end was stronger

10 It was awesome! My favourite character was the devil, she was a really good actor. Anna 11 yrs

10 Fantastic

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