audience feedback performance 6


Our second week opened in better weather. Marks out of ten and audience comments below:

8 I think more people would come if it were in one place and knew they would be dry and warm

10 This was my first one – absolutely brilliant

10 Excellent. Loved it. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

8 Brilliant. Gorgeous costumes. Wonderful characters. Really well produced as a production. I was very moved.

10 Wonderful to learn it all by heart. Very moving and fun in parts

10 Excellent production! Really enjoyed – totally engaging & watchable. The whole thing was seamless – smooth – very well done to everyone involved

10 Absolutely fantastic – Val, New Zealand

10 Thank you for all the wonderful actors commitment to everything

10 Wonderful – creative, imaginative, humourous. Brilliant music. Thank you

9 Needed longer to be distracted by the devils at the interval

7 Performers variable, but I rated God highly! Devil & 2 henchmen sinister throughout! Fire display en route to Chapter House was an unexpected bonus. Bit disappointed that music was recorded rather than live. Thank you!

9 It was a once in a lifetime experience, short of going to Oberammergau. I was suffering with Jesus on the cross. Plenty of laughs! If God is a woman, why no women bishops? 

9 Fantastic – a lovely surprise

10 Amazing

10 Great use of a wide variety of effects; different; fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. A delight to watch. This was a brilliant performance and representation of a story so well known but dare I say rarely so dramatically presented.

10 Judas & Jesus were awful! great! Hi guys!

7 1st half more satisfying than inevitably rather static 2nd

10 Superb seamless production, thoroughly entertaining & thought provoking. Well done all!

10 Very atmospheric, really enjoyed it!

10 Very moving – much better than expected. So glad we came – Beautifully done – well done one and all – (Known to Ken and Pam)

10 An enthralling experience

10 Very good

10 So well done – thank you

10 Young Mary needs to speak louder and more slowly!

9 Such a ‘risk’ using the two venues in the English ‘summer’! I would use the nave as an ‘in the round’ space

10 Fantastic

9 Demon/Judas – was great – very passionate! Good performances throughout – would have loved to hear more singing. Particularly from the devil – most excellent voice.

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