performance 7 pics and feedback


9 Really great. Fab setting

10 Absolutely fabulous – wonderful actors brought it to life for me

7 Very ingenious features (such as the creation of sun, moon & stars). Couldn’t always hear, especially young Mary. A bit slow moving at times.

8 Thanks 

9 My 1st visit – very moving

10 Jesus was absolutely superb. Really stood out. Excellent and emotional.

9 Speechless. I’ll tell some friends. Jesus my favourite. I ♡ Jesus with all my might.

10 Difficult to hear in first part. Good in cloisters

8 Impressive & moving. Christ excellent. Your posters were misleading. Our friends did not come as they thought we’d have to walk to the Brayford & back up Steep Hill. Why did they not feature the Old Bishops Palace & the cathedral – this would have been more helpful.

10 We thought it  was an excellent portrayal of the mystery plays, well done all of you – very meaningful experience.

9 Loved it thanks : )

9.5 Excellent – fantastic setting

7 Love to see it with modern language


8 Well done to all cast members and crew

9 Well done again

10 Amazing

8 Great

10 Wonderful most enjoyable

10 Very innovative and realistic, better than a 100 sermons – Lily and Alan – Bradford Cathedral


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