doomsday video & final performance feedback

This video was projected during the transition into the final play in the Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 cycle “Doomsday”. It includes footage of both the ‘world’ and ‘hell’ parachutes and paintings from the Gemini project.

Below are the marks out of ten and comments for the last performance on 21st July 2012

9 Excellent – most impressive. Wish there had been more publicity

10 Probably the best production I  have ever seen. I was left open-mouthed through most of it. Brilliant. Satan as a woman was a great twist (and fantastically played!) Thanks so much

9 Excellent – well done

8 At some points the actors were a little hard to hear – but lines delivered very well, simple staging & delivery were fantastic! Can’t wait til next time. Please continue this wonderful tradition. I’d love to be part of the next one! (name and address supplied)

10 Wonderful experience!

10 Brilliant staging, wonderful acting etc etc etc Can’t wait for the next one!

10 Stunning

8 I really enjoyed the whole play in both venues. The actors were good and it was powerful in places. The acting was very hard to see in the cloisters when it was on the ground in one corner. Other than that – excellent!

10 Not usually into this type of thing but couldn’t take my eyes off it !!! Brilliant : )

10 Awsome . Lighting and sound created beautiful atmosphere. Excellent use of iconic images – powerful, moving. WELL DONE!!

10 Fantastic, a lovely change from a normal night out

10 I enjoyed every minute of it. Very professional

9 Well put together in  all aspects. Fantastic ensemble production

10 Everyone played their role so passionately & professionally. Fantastic – I almost cried when Jesus & the Spirit was in the desert : )

10 Satan was ace

10 Best Lincoln mystery plays I’ve attended (is/was that 4?) Brilliant simplicity and ‘high’ drama – fantastic sets & the “extra” the Devil’s Troupe was better than best – very high quality! Well done one & all. Thank you for giving all of us so much this evening.& all good wishes for a well deserved rest!


10 A wonderful experience, very moving in  a lovely setting

9 A1 at its best

7 Good. Second part excellent. Really good lighting. First part struggled to hear properly

8 Loved the hay bales. Novel that it took place in 2 locations. Great actors & costumes. In cloister hard to see from back row – raise them up next time?

10 So good we came twice. Amazing thank you – so much hard work must have gone into this. I hope that the cast were as moved as we were! I’ve already found you and ‘like’ you on facebook

7 Raked seating in cloister

8 Very well executed. The raw material surprisingly not but a very stimulating production of medieval propaganda. Thank you

10 Having performed in the Lords of Misrule in York I know only too well how much work is required for this sort of production. It was terrific! Thank you – and well done! And I am so pleased you had lovely weather for your last night!

6 The words were drowned out by the bells. The organization e.g seating was poor. Some had no seats and others couldn’t see from the back. It is such a shame  to spoil this old play in its beautiful setting


An excellent performance very moving –SKDC

10 I had great memories of seeing the plays 8 years ago and was not disappointed this time. Great cast. Very funny and very moving. Only slight negative was trying to hear everyone in the 1st half if their backs ere turned to our side of the audience – but all in all FAB!

10 Fantastic, will definitely be coming  next time

10 Professional performance – excellent voice projection

10 As always absolutely fantastic!

10 Althought I’m not religious I found the play extremely entertaining and enjoyable


9 Programmes too expensive at £5 would have liked a simple a4 sheet with scenes on it – sometimes not obvious what the story was

8 Excellent lighting, sound and acting!

9 All the cast worked extremely hard. It was difficult to hear some of the quieter voices. Back stage support was excellent

10 Excellent production – very slick but also moving

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