Betrayal exploratory workshop 1


Our first session in February we worked with the Whelan Recording technique. The cast of the Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 will be familiar with this method and for others I recommend  a little article by Phelim McDermott about his experiences using the technique with Improbable Theatre: Improbable Articles and Interviews – Instant Acting, an article by Phelim McDermott 

Essentially the rehearsal room is spilit between a script/reading/audio recording space and a playback/performing space, getting the actors immediately into action unencumbered by scripts in hand.We are exploring the idea of Simon & John A playing both male roles of Robert and Jerry, and Kate and Jo both playing Emma in different performances, so we used this rehearsal to try out various pairings in the first scene – including across gender.

It was a joy to have Aggi with us in role as dramaturg keeping note of proceedings. For those of you who want to know more detail her notes are reproduced at the link below:

You wait years for a production of Betrayal and then 2 come along at once – we have news of another production at LPAC in November. We have secured the performing rights for our production and so plan to go ahead, secure in the knowledge that the two productions will be very different and hopefully complementary.



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