exploratory session 2 – scene 9


We gathered for our second session on 10th Feb. Simon and John had fetched coffee and we reflected on the previous week. The role swapping had highlighted the power dynamics in the scene and even the pairings we won’t be sharing in the performance have a role in developing each person’s understanding of the characters and what is happening in the play, because we all internalise views of each other and ourselves in the eyes of the other.

The ‘dubbing’ technique was the focus of this session, with Kate and Jo as doubled Emmas and John and Simon as doubled Jerrys – one speaking scipt in hand and the other in embodied role.

We worked with Scene 9 as Simon and Kate both showed interest and reticence about this scene, which chronologically the earliest, marking the beginning of the affair between Emma and Jerry.

Working in this way set up some interesting teamwork – for example the two Emma actors setting up the bedroom in which the scene takes place – and the possibility of two sides of the character being represented simultaneously, allowing actors to explore particular aspects in more depth. People noticed how hard it was to switch back into the reading/speaking role after the freedom of being able to move in the space and ‘just respond’.

I found myself interested in the absent character of Robert – downstairs at the party and only briefly entering the room in this scene, and the idea of Jerry as part of what keeps Emma and Robert together.

Aggi’s full notes at the link below:


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