Betrayal in rehearsal 10th November 2013


The cast observed the minute’s silence at 11am.

John B checked in with cast about priorities for rehearsal.

  • Checking props for whole play might essentially mean running the play
  • Checking in on thoughts about the other performance of Betrayal on Friday and anything that people want to bring in form that
  • Kate – thinking about sound as John S has brought in four speakers and need to check levels
  • Simon – costumes for him and John A
  • Jo H – table needs changing

Discussion around Friday’s performance ensued- table idea has sprung from that. John B not attached to current table and would like to see the proposed other table. Jo H and Kate to source. Discussion around pace and emotional levels. John S said important to keep range of 1-10. John A expressed that there was an air of nervousness about going to the other show, but this was reconciled by the realisation that the two productions are so different that is was a nourishing team building exercise. Simon H agreed.

Decision to run play, but with actors choosing which roles they play in each scene according to what they want to practise. After Lunch we will look at bits which need rehearsing and work them. Cast to alert Aggi to note these so there is a formal record.

Scene One: played through with no stopping, Sound worked brilliantly with ambient sound realistic and great and aural marking of the cash register ringing when Jerry went to get another drink and the ’pip pip pips’ very enjoyable. Transition to scene two caused confusion, which was discussed and rectified. Jerry to stay in character and show the emotional journey to scene two.

Scene Two:  played through with no stopping. Magnificent. Transition again caused concern so paused rehearsal to print off copy of notes from last week from blog for clarification. Once we had these, discussion with Jo H and Kate around marking table and how this will work practically.  Decision that keeping table on same trajectory as bed is simplest solution.

Scene Three-Six:  played through with no stops. Continued running each scene noticing issues around transitions and music levels.

Performers growing in confidence and presence as the scenes progress. Accents now very good and diction clearer. Projection still possibly needing some work.

Break for lunch.

During lunch discussions around bottles, glasses, tweeting and costumes.

Began afternoon session with re-dux of Scene Four with Simon and Jo as Robert and Emma this time. Then ran into multiple versions of Scene Seven  to set technical aspects and to rehearse with both Jo and Kate as nemma and John as first Jerry then Robert and Simon as vice versa. Agreement that we were working this through rather than rehearsing straight through, with attention paid to detail and multiple tries at the technical precision needed for bringing on plates, wine etc and feeding this in with the lines. John B directed aspects of this with the cast, looking particularly at the relationship with the waiter. Ran through this in all possible pairings.

Ran scenes 8 and 9 with two pairs, then 9 with the other two pairs so we played all four possible endings. Close with final phrase of music over held tableau, hopefully spot-lit.

1 thought on “Betrayal in rehearsal 10th November 2013

  1. Chris Frost

    Hi John, it was a big surprise seeing you the other week!
    I am planning to get to the Friday night performance and if I do I will try and stay over in Lincoln so that I see you all after the show.

    Meanwhile it looks like you are well on with the rehearsals.

    See you next Friday.



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