Recovery and Hope Seminar

The Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Annual Public Meeting is underway at the Epic Centre today and as Drama Worker with the Arts Collective I will be leading a (gentle and briefly) interactive session and presenting material from my direction of Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 on the theme of recovery and hope.

doomsday video & final performance feedback

This video was projected during the transition into the final play in the Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 cycle “Doomsday”. It includes footage of both the ‘world’ and ‘hell’ parachutes and paintings from the Gemini project.

Below are the marks out of ten and comments for the last performance on 21st July 2012

9 Excellent – most impressive. Wish there had been more publicity

10 Probably the best production I  have ever seen. I was left open-mouthed through most of it. Brilliant. Satan as a woman was a great twist (and fantastically played!) Thanks so much

9 Excellent – well done

8 At some points the actors were a little hard to hear – but lines delivered very well, simple staging & delivery were fantastic! Can’t wait til next time. Please continue this wonderful tradition. I’d love to be part of the next one! (name and address supplied)

10 Wonderful experience!

10 Brilliant staging, wonderful acting etc etc etc Can’t wait for the next one!

10 Stunning

8 I really enjoyed the whole play in both venues. The actors were good and it was powerful in places. The acting was very hard to see in the cloisters when it was on the ground in one corner. Other than that – excellent!

10 Not usually into this type of thing but couldn’t take my eyes off it !!! Brilliant : )

10 Awsome . Lighting and sound created beautiful atmosphere. Excellent use of iconic images – powerful, moving. WELL DONE!!

10 Fantastic, a lovely change from a normal night out

10 I enjoyed every minute of it. Very professional

9 Well put together in  all aspects. Fantastic ensemble production

10 Everyone played their role so passionately & professionally. Fantastic – I almost cried when Jesus & the Spirit was in the desert : )

10 Satan was ace

10 Best Lincoln mystery plays I’ve attended (is/was that 4?) Brilliant simplicity and ‘high’ drama – fantastic sets & the “extra” the Devil’s Troupe was better than best – very high quality! Well done one & all. Thank you for giving all of us so much this evening.& all good wishes for a well deserved rest!


10 A wonderful experience, very moving in  a lovely setting

9 A1 at its best

7 Good. Second part excellent. Really good lighting. First part struggled to hear properly

8 Loved the hay bales. Novel that it took place in 2 locations. Great actors & costumes. In cloister hard to see from back row – raise them up next time?

10 So good we came twice. Amazing thank you – so much hard work must have gone into this. I hope that the cast were as moved as we were! I’ve already found you and ‘like’ you on facebook

7 Raked seating in cloister

8 Very well executed. The raw material surprisingly not but a very stimulating production of medieval propaganda. Thank you

10 Having performed in the Lords of Misrule in York I know only too well how much work is required for this sort of production. It was terrific! Thank you – and well done! And I am so pleased you had lovely weather for your last night!

6 The words were drowned out by the bells. The organization e.g seating was poor. Some had no seats and others couldn’t see from the back. It is such a shame  to spoil this old play in its beautiful setting


An excellent performance very moving –SKDC

10 I had great memories of seeing the plays 8 years ago and was not disappointed this time. Great cast. Very funny and very moving. Only slight negative was trying to hear everyone in the 1st half if their backs ere turned to our side of the audience – but all in all FAB!

10 Fantastic, will definitely be coming  next time

10 Professional performance – excellent voice projection

10 As always absolutely fantastic!

10 Althought I’m not religious I found the play extremely entertaining and enjoyable


9 Programmes too expensive at £5 would have liked a simple a4 sheet with scenes on it – sometimes not obvious what the story was

8 Excellent lighting, sound and acting!

9 All the cast worked extremely hard. It was difficult to hear some of the quieter voices. Back stage support was excellent

10 Excellent production – very slick but also moving

Unbinding video & penultimate performance feedback

This is the video from the Burial/Resurrection transition. Below is the audience feedback with marks out of ten for the performance on 20th July 2012

9 Just great, thanks

9.6 Wonderful evening – Mayor of Louth


10+ Amazing praise God

10 Wish it had been dry! Lovely evening.

9 Really cool especially liked Jesus – Joseph aged 11

10 Excellent production

10 Fantastic. Loved the fire. Missed being taken to heaven or hell

10 Really enjoyed it thanks

9 Some excellent acting. Fantastic setting. Very atmospheric

9 It would be better without as many thous and these

10 Fab – on all levels

10 Excellent. Thought provoking. Weather no problem for the cast! Well done

10 Wonderful. Great sound and props. Satan, Jesus, Herod fab.

Haven’t got my glasses to see questions. Thought it was excellent.

9 First class production

performance 7 pics and feedback


9 Really great. Fab setting

10 Absolutely fabulous – wonderful actors brought it to life for me

7 Very ingenious features (such as the creation of sun, moon & stars). Couldn’t always hear, especially young Mary. A bit slow moving at times.

8 Thanks 

9 My 1st visit – very moving

10 Jesus was absolutely superb. Really stood out. Excellent and emotional.

9 Speechless. I’ll tell some friends. Jesus my favourite. I ♡ Jesus with all my might.

10 Difficult to hear in first part. Good in cloisters

8 Impressive & moving. Christ excellent. Your posters were misleading. Our friends did not come as they thought we’d have to walk to the Brayford & back up Steep Hill. Why did they not feature the Old Bishops Palace & the cathedral – this would have been more helpful.

10 We thought it  was an excellent portrayal of the mystery plays, well done all of you – very meaningful experience.

9 Loved it thanks : )

9.5 Excellent – fantastic setting

7 Love to see it with modern language


8 Well done to all cast members and crew

9 Well done again

10 Amazing

8 Great

10 Wonderful most enjoyable

10 Very innovative and realistic, better than a 100 sermons – Lily and Alan – Bradford Cathedral


audience feedback performance 6


Our second week opened in better weather. Marks out of ten and audience comments below:

8 I think more people would come if it were in one place and knew they would be dry and warm

10 This was my first one – absolutely brilliant

10 Excellent. Loved it. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

8 Brilliant. Gorgeous costumes. Wonderful characters. Really well produced as a production. I was very moved.

10 Wonderful to learn it all by heart. Very moving and fun in parts

10 Excellent production! Really enjoyed – totally engaging & watchable. The whole thing was seamless – smooth – very well done to everyone involved

10 Absolutely fantastic – Val, New Zealand

10 Thank you for all the wonderful actors commitment to everything

10 Wonderful – creative, imaginative, humourous. Brilliant music. Thank you

9 Needed longer to be distracted by the devils at the interval

7 Performers variable, but I rated God highly! Devil & 2 henchmen sinister throughout! Fire display en route to Chapter House was an unexpected bonus. Bit disappointed that music was recorded rather than live. Thank you!

9 It was a once in a lifetime experience, short of going to Oberammergau. I was suffering with Jesus on the cross. Plenty of laughs! If God is a woman, why no women bishops? 

9 Fantastic – a lovely surprise

10 Amazing

10 Great use of a wide variety of effects; different; fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. A delight to watch. This was a brilliant performance and representation of a story so well known but dare I say rarely so dramatically presented.

10 Judas & Jesus were awful! great! Hi guys!

7 1st half more satisfying than inevitably rather static 2nd

10 Superb seamless production, thoroughly entertaining & thought provoking. Well done all!

10 Very atmospheric, really enjoyed it!

10 Very moving – much better than expected. So glad we came – Beautifully done – well done one and all – (Known to Ken and Pam)

10 An enthralling experience

10 Very good

10 So well done – thank you

10 Young Mary needs to speak louder and more slowly!

9 Such a ‘risk’ using the two venues in the English ‘summer’! I would use the nave as an ‘in the round’ space

10 Fantastic

9 Demon/Judas – was great – very passionate! Good performances throughout – would have loved to hear more singing. Particularly from the devil – most excellent voice.

audience feedback performance 5 – wet weather contingency


The rain became too much during the fifth performance so the “Ministry” portion of the first half was moved to the Chapterhouse. This went very smoothly, all things considered, and the cast aquitted themselves well in a venue in which they had not rehearsed.

Below are the marks out of ten and audience comments:

9.3 Excellent production. Thought provoking  regarding sin starting with man or angels

10 Fantastic

9 Excellent! Coped very well with the weather

10 The person who played the devil was Brilliant! Joanne aged 11

10 Very chilly but fantastic experience of watching for the first time. Enjoyed it a lot!

8 Brill!

10 Thank you. That was a great evening. We hope you warm up!

10 Bless all the cast for their great performance in such inclement weather



10 I enjoyed the play enormously it was great

10 Very good. Pity about the weather – well done the players!

9 The beginning & end were very strong. More of the story of Jesus needed – to explain why his life was taken – need to even up with Satan’s story – which until the end was stronger

10 It was awesome! My favourite character was the devil, she was a really good actor. Anna 11 yrs

10 Fantastic

Audience feedback performance 4


Marks out of ten and comments on Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 performance Friday 13th July

10 A most effective production throughout – the finale gripping and very moving

10 Brilliant thank you all

10 Absolutely stunning! I was blown away by it. Must have been such hard work. Definitely paid off. I loved it.

10 I forgot the cold and wet, and was enthralled.

10 An excellent performance through wind and rain ✔

10 What a brave cast! Dedicated. So good we didn’t feel the rain

10 More advertising. Such a wonderful performance should have been seen by many more people

3 The first half in the round made it impossible to hear. The second contained none of the humour I expect from Mystery Plays

6 Weather made it difficult. Part in the round not successful. Hard to see and hear.

6 Much better than I’d been led to believe it was going to be with some lovely moments both comedic & dramatic

9 A wonderful experience, creative ideas. Good performances with sincere emotions. Colourful & fun.

9 I’m telling all my friends to bring blankets. The cast defied the damp & cold to keep us gripped. Loved the effects – sheets. Lighting, sound. Fantastic experience


audience feedback on performances 2&3 of Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012

I’ve collated the audience feedback and will publish here. Apologies to the audience from the first night that the blank questionnaire forms never got into your hands, but feel free to make comments here.


Audiences were asked to give marks out of 10 and make comments if they wished.



10 Brilliant, casting perfect, setting fabulous

10 Pity not more people were here. Hope you will continue with them – roll on 2016

10 The whole performance was wonderful. However better info about what would the audience experience be before might have been helpful i.e. Seating, additional entertainment (which we loved) & bring insect repellent! Brilliant eve!

9 An excellent experience with fine voices & energy. Very imaginative

6 Satan was great!

10 Excellent well done everyone so realistic

7 Loved God, Satan, Adam & Eve & Shepherds. No to Joseph & archaic biblical language and yes to sheep and demeons were great!

10 An excellent production performed incredibly well under such a cold evening sky. My support for your ‘players’ will be to tell as many people as possible not  to miss your next production

8 1st part of 2nd half very slow. Loved God, Satan & his demons & the Holy Ghost

8 A performance I will long remember – some powerful performers – visually strong

10 Never a dull moment!



10 It was great! I’ll tell all my friends in Germany about it! Annette Kolb, Stuttgart

6 Great fun – good job

9 Lovely

10 Exceptional performances and settings!

10 Hope you all had a long hot bath!

10 Brilliant!

10 Amazing – evocative

10 Very moving and an experience to be remembered

10 Brilliant cast, Jesus and the Devil wonderful


First Night

Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 got off to an auspicious start last night with excellent work from the company and crew in their first encounter with an audience.

The Gamelan provided a beautiful welcome into the Medieval Bishops’ Palace, Lincoln, where audiences saw the completed versions of the Gemini Project artwork that has graced this blog as work-in-progress. Many of the artists were in the audience. Sunshine’s complelling Flood installation in the undercroft had sounds of much more serious weather than we actually had to contend with, as the rain cleared in time for the performance – much as it has on previous rehearsal nights. 

One of our players, Alice Kinloch unfortunately has tonsillitis so was substituted as Shepherd and Herod Antipas at short notice by yours truly – I hope she recovers soon so I can get back to my accustomed role front of house!

We were joined on our first night by art critic and historian Alastair Sooke who also interviewed Sasha Drennan and myself on the portrayal of Satan for a BBC4 documentary due to air in the autumn.


Don’t wait that long to see what we have been up to – if you have not yet booked your tickets do so now. There are only eight performances left! The weather is part of the show – wrap up warmly, wear waterproofs and enjoy the light and shade as the show unfolds.


Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 on BBC Radio

Judy Theobald’s programme on Sunday featuring interviews with a number of those involved in the Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012 production is available to listen again at the link below


Only a week to go til the first night! Book your tickets now if you haven’t already: