Forming phase – casting workshop news

Mysteries demystified! February is time to ‘en-role’ Sunday February 12th opens the Forming Phase of the Lincoln Mystery Plays 2012. Arrival for the event is 2.30pm, for a prompt 3pm start at the ‘Performing Arts Dance Studio’, Bishop Grosseteste University College, with a view to finish at 6pm. It’s intended to be fun, informal, informing, creative and stimulating and it’s open to EVERYONE who has an interest in being involved in the 2012 plays on any level. Building on the 10 weeks of workshops, the aim is to bring together all those who want to contribute: hear the latest updates on the ‘how, where, when’ of the performances; outline the rehearsal process; share performance dates etc. and for those who want to act especially, to step forward. You do not need to have attended any of the workshops to be a part of it: All are welcome, new faces and old. Two further Forming workshops will follow on – Wednesday February 15, 6.30pm to 9pm and Sunday February 19, 2.30pm to 6pm – in the 3DY function room above the Students Union (SU), again at BG. These are NOT intended to be auditions in the traditional, formal sense, but an opportunity to express any desire for parts, to interact, for me to get a sense of how individuals work with others and towards creating the plays; of natural skills, potential and possibilities etc. Dress comfortably and dress to move People do not need to have prepared a part or to have any pre-conceived ideas of which part they want to play. One really vital area for roles is in the ‘shepherding’ – effectively stewards; some of whom will be comfortable in interacting with the audience and happy to perform their own shepherds play; some of whom will prefer to merely offer a strong helping arm of audience assistance. So long as people can commit to the rehearsal and performance timetable, a part will be found for them should they wish. If people do have a desire for a particular part it’s important to state it, otherwise they’ll be allocated where John feels it fits the vision best. If all goes according to plan we will confirm the cast groups, individuals and teams at a ‘bring-and share’ supper party on the last day of February before rehearsals start in March.

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